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Idea Bootcamp

Interested in entrepreneurship but don’t have a venture idea? Want to learn how to come up with and develop ideas?

Or do you have an idea, but need some help to bring it to life?

Use the inter-semester break to put your ideas through their paces at Idea Bootcamp!

Strengthen your ideation and validation skills and give entrepreneurship a go.

Idea Bootcamp will run 1-12 July 2019. Sign up to our mailing lists to receive updates on when applications open.

About Idea Bootcamp

Unleash your potential with the Idea Bootcamp programme. We will help you to strengthen ideas for ventures and push them to the next level. We provide you with the inspiration, environment, frameworks, advisors, workshops, funding, desk space and motivation!

No experience is necessary – we are looking for passionate people with an enthusiasm for entrepreneurship who want to give it a go. Join as an individual without an idea and finish Idea Bootcamp as part of a team with a strong idea to take forward.

Want to know how others have found it? Check out our news articles and blogs about our previous years (note, Idea Bootcamp used to be called Ideate! Validate!)

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Who is it designed for?

Students and staff from all faculties

All University of Auckland faculties, disciplines and levels. From creatives to technologists, scientists to business students, we welcome you all.

People curious about entrepreneurship

Develop ideation skills and turn them into opportunities. Experience how to create ideas through our interactive workshops. Learn how to develop them into opportunities.

People wanting to make an impact

Take the first step on your entrepreneurial journey! Join us to learn how to ensure ideas will be successful, and develop your skills on how to start a venture.

Programme structure

Phase 1: Ideation workshops and storms

The first part of this highly interactive and fast paced programme is all about creating ideas. Experts will share with you how ideas are    created. Then you get to come up with your own ideas. At the end of this phase, teams will be formed around the ideas that you are most  excited by, ready for the next phase of the programme.

Phase 2: Validation

Now you have an idea and a team, it’s time to test and develop these ideas. You will learn the fundamental elements of building a start-up  venture. A key step for success is ensuring your idea will work, so you will focus on market reach and testing.

You will also learn other essential skills to transform your idea into a  venture opportunity.

Phase 3: Velocity

Following Idea Bootcamp we will encourage you to participate in the Velocity entrepreneurship programme. Enter your idea into the  Velocity $100k Challenge and attend the Velocity Innovation seminars. Getting involved in Velocity will give you the momentum and knowledge to grow your idea even further. Last year three of our Idea Bootcamp participants made the finals of Velocity.


Advisors, workshops and resources

Developing an idea and testing it can be challenging. We want to help you develop as entrepreneurs. You will receive access to advisers and other experts. Throughout the programme there will be workshops and events to inspire you, giving you frameworks and tools you can apply immediately. We will work with you to ensure you make the most of this experience.



You may need funding to test your ideas and build a venture. To help students test and develop their ideas, we provide a fund which can be applied for.


Access to space

The programme will run out of University of Auckland’s brand new Unleash Space – a purpose built space for innovation and entrepreneurship. You’ll also become a member of Unleash Space during Idea Bootcamp, meaning that you can continue to use Unleash Space to develop innovative and entrepreneurial ideas, even after Idea Bootcamp finishes.


Build your networks

Networks are an essential support for any business. You will meet people in the Auckland entrepreneurial ecosystem, be inspired by what they have achieved, and get the opportunity to learn from them.


Timing and commitment

Idea Bootcamp will run 1-12 July 2019. Sign up to our mailing lists to receive updates on when applications open.



Applications for the 2018 programme have closed.


Become a mentor or judge

We are on the lookout for a team of advisers to help develop our students into entrepreneurs. Specifically, we need volunteers from the entrepreneurial and business communities to give their time to help students with the customer validation process. These advisers will open their networks to students and provide ideas and advice around validating business ideas. These advisers will be available for a one-hour session over the Idea Bootcamp programme.

We are also looking for judges to advise students at the culmination of the programme. Again these judges will link students with their networks and provide feedback on the work students did over the programme. We need judges to be available for a 4.5 hour afternoon session on 6 July 2018.

If you are interested in becoming an advisor or judge, please get in touch.


09 923 4526