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The latest in innovation and entrepreneurship news, research and insights from the University of Auckland and around the world.

The latest in innovation and entrepreneurship news, research and insights from the University of Auckland and around the world.

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Teaching scientists to negotiate like artists (and vice versa)

Summer entrepreneurship programme Summer Lab has formed the inspiration for the paper Entrepreneurship and Negotiation: Teaching Scientists to Negotiate Like Artists (and Vice-Versa), which examines the challenges and opportunities involved in teaching negotiation to aspiring entrepreneurs from diverse interests and backgrounds.

Reflections on leading a university to work like a start-up

Director Wendy Kerr led the Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) from September 2015 – March 2021. Among her many achievements, she led the development and launch of Unleash Space, nearing her audacious goal of having 10% of all University of Auckland students engaging with innovation and entrepreneurship programmes.

CreateBase – the venture enabling kids to access enjoyable tech education

CreateBase is on a mission to give the next generation the skills, tools and confidence necessary to unleash their inner technology creators, and realise their future potential. They are currently building a digital platform that teachers and parents can provide to children to teach tangible technical skills through play.

Raising entrepreneurs – Auckland girl’s social venture aims to bring water fountains to parks and playgrounds

Ten year old Lilah McDonald was horrified to discover that only 5% of Auckland parks have drinking fountains and decided to do something about it. With the support and guidance of her mum, University of Auckland alumna and entrepreneur Kate O’Leary, she has started Water Us. The social venture sells stylish and environmentally-friendly toilet paper that will help fund water fountains for the community.

Applying social innovation learnings to disability activism

According to the United Nations Development Programme, students, scholars and researchers with disabilities remain under-represented in higher education and vulnerable to feeling marginalised and excluded on campuses. This can be for a number of reasons including difficulty accessing physical learning facilities. University of Auckland student Emma Cooper-Williams has experienced these challenges first hand.

The venture using AI to breathe new life into Kiwi businesses

A venture founded by University of Auckland engineering alumni Daniel Xu and Ming Cheuk is helping organisations improve their processes and customer experience by taking advantage of innovative technologies like machine learning, computer vision, and conversational AI.


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