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The latest in innovation and entrepreneurship news, research and insights from the University of Auckland and around the world.

The latest in innovation and entrepreneurship news, research and insights from the University of Auckland and around the world.

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Student profile: Janna Tay

Janna Tay is currently studying towards a Bachelor of Arts and Laws at the University of Auckland. Though she has not yet graduated, Janna has already built an impressive array of experience. She is a published poet and playwrite who has performed in noted theatres and has also immersed herself in the more revolutionary corners of the worlds of law and business, inspired by her experiences with the Business School’s Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Read More

Togetherly: the startup keeping relationships going

Meeting someone online is commonplace. Tech platforms like Tinder and Bumble are now ubiquitous and without stigma. But where is the industry love for established relationships? Enter: Togetherly, a new startup by psychological researcher Holly Dixon, which turns relationship science into actionable advice. Read More

Philanthropist encourages future entrepreneurs

Philanthropist and entrepreneur Tony Falkenstein believes in the power of business to positively impact on people’s lives. So much so, he is donating $600,000 to the University of Auckland Business School to fund up to 14 top students to travel to Silicon Valley. Read More

KiwiNet celebrates the transformative power of university research

The Kiwi Innovation Network (KiwiNet) is a consortium of 18 of New Zealand’s public research organisations working together to transform research discoveries with commercial promise into new products and services. KiwiNet doesn’t carry out research commercialisation itself; instead it acts as a channel for collaboration amongst those who do. KiwiNet aims to increase the scale and impact of science and technology based innovation, maximising economic benefits to New Zealand. Read More

Velocity alumnus receives $4.3m in investment to take bowel disease technology to the world

Surgical Design Studios (SDS) has developed a range of medical devices that reduce the time it takes until patients can use their guts again following bowel surgery from five months to two weeks. The technology developed is truly revolutionary and has attracted $4.3 million through early stage capital raising. SDS raised the money through its first angel fundraising round led by Icehouse Ventures fund Tuhua II. The company will use the funds raised to bring its devices to market, with plans to launch in New Zealand later this year, and then overseas once it gains regulatory clearances. Read More

Musical stairs latest endeavour in student startup’s climb to success

Shwoop is an experiential marketing startup initiated by Business, Music and Engineering students at the University of Auckland. Their latest initiative is a portable ultrasonic installation that was used to transform stairs in the Sir Owen G Glenn building into musical stairs. The installation was created using equipment in the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship’s Unleash Space. The Centre commissioned creation of the stairs to be used to raise awareness of the existence of the University’s innovation hub so that other students might be inspired to visit Unleash Space and use the equipment for their own inventions. Read More

Alumni profile: Charlotte Hoonhout

Charlotte Hoonhout graduated from the University of Auckland last year with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Congruently with her studies she was also pursuing her career as a Para-Equestrian and later joined a team of students who helped set up the Unleash Space, the University’s very own state of the art innovation hub and makerspace. Read More

Movie subtitles – whenever you want

A new technology allows the hearing-impaired to watch a movie at whatever cinema they like, and never miss a line of dialogue. It was developed by researchers at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute with the concept honed during their participation in the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship’s Velocity programme. The device, called the Vivify headset, uses augmented reality to project subtitles below the cinema screen. A commercial trial of the headset is currently being run through Event cinemas in Newmarket, Auckland. Read More

VR game simulates quake to help children stay safe

A virtual reality game that could save lives during an earthquake has emerged from the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship’s Velocity programme. The result of a collaboration between experts in education, computer science and engineering, the game simulates what might happen in an ordinary school classroom during and after an earthquake. Read More


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