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The latest in innovation and entrepreneurship news, research and insights from the University of Auckland and around the world.

The latest in innovation and entrepreneurship news, research and insights from the University of Auckland and around the world.

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Tectonus – the venture stabilising the building industry in post-quake New Zealand

The team behind Velocity spin-out company Tectonus were inspired to make a difference to the building industry by the devastating Christchurch earthquakes, inventing a superior damping connection. Their device self-centres following a seismic event, allowing a structure to withstand an earthquake and any following aftershocks. The technology can be applied to new or existing structures, requires no post-event maintenance and is cost-effective and compact.

Tectonus Onsite image

Unleash Your Stories: Raymond Hu

Raymond Hu, a first year Engineering student, has created one AT Hop ring to rule them all. He transformed his AT Hop card into a wearable ring that continues to function like a contactless card. It has student concession, and can still be topped up at Auckland Transport’s self-service machines.

AT Hop Ring

Muscling in on the seafood industry

Greenshell Spat Co is an aquaculture technology company set to enable the New Zealand Greenshell™ mussel industry’s $1 billion potential through the creation of mussel ‘super babies’. The venture was developed by University of Auckland PhD students Will McKay and Brad Skelton, who have commercialised their knowledge as scientists with the support of the Business School’s Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE).

Greenshell Spat Co

Reflections on graduating, from the first inaugural Unleash Space CEO

Today is the day I have been visualising for the last four years when the going got tough (which was most days if I’m honest). Thanks to ol’ mate COVID, graduation wasn’t quite the one I expected, but celebrating homemade-style with my parents and daughter sure was special. With a can-do attitude, some resources from around the house and a touch of creativity, I managed to create a truly epic and unique celebration.

Wynona Dekker and Jacinda Adern at opening of Unleash Space

Unleashing early childhood educators’ creative abilities

A cohort of early childhood education students recently had the opportunity to expand their technology skills and flex their creative ability with the support of the Business School’s Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. A group of 39 students took part in workshops held at innovation hub Unleash Space, learning how to utilise the equipment to design and create early childhood education resources.

Early childhood education students' exhibition photo

Student venture aims to bring automation to home builders

Nikau Robotics is utilising cutting edge automation technology to increase productivity for small and medium construction businesses. The team are developing a smart CNC wood router that can intake a stack of wooden panels and process them automatically to pre-cut, drill, and carve wooden panels. The machine they have designed is highly portable to enable onsite machining for fast, accurate cuts of wood without the need for external suppliers.

Nikau Robotics team and CIE staff at Summer Lab end of programme celebrations

Auckland University Makers Club launched

The University of Auckland’s state-of-the-art innovation hub and maker space Unleash Space was created to give students an opportunity to collaborate with others outside of their discipline and to give students access to the tools and skills essential to creating ventures of their own. There could be no more fitting symbol of these two goals than the launch of the Auckland University Makers Club.

University of Auckland Makers Club Logo

Fantasy start-up on hold to produce tools to battle the reality of COVID-19

Recent University of Auckland student Annabelle Collins is the mastermind behind Modular Realms, a start-up producing magnetic, reversible, game terrain designed for table-top role play games like Dungeons & Dragons. Having prototyped her design using the tools and resources available through the Business School’s Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, her next step was to launch her Kickstarter campaign, which she hoped would give a much needed boost in growing her venture. However, realising there was a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the UK, where a number of her 3D printers are based, she didn’t hesitate to put her big plans on hold and dedicate her machines to producing PPE.

Annabelle Collins, founder of Modular Realms


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