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Yashika Khetan

Can’t believe we are already halfway!

We started off with a huge list of abstract ideas and now we are already building the business model around one idea. We started off thinking as students but now we are working like professionals. Can’t thank enough for the resources provided by the CIE at Unleash Space. The week was full of fun, knowledge, inspiration and PIZZASS!

We were introduced to the world of Intellectual Property by Prof. Peter Lee. He gave us an insight into patenting ideas, what ingredients to reveal and what not and how to engage with stakeholders professionally. It sparked a lot of curious minds and we can’t wait for another workshop by him scheduled for mid- Feb!

I had always wondered why do so many startups fail? Also, I had the misconception that I should have my ‘PERFECTʼ product built before I enter the market but Dr. Jamie changed my mindset by using only three words “MINIMUM VIABLE PRODUCT”. Twitter was just an SMS service for a small group of employees and now it’s the second-most popular social- networking tool in the world. WOW! Lesson? Build your products with your customers rather than spending all your resources to discover it’s junk for them. The most important word in the vocabulary of advertising is TEST!

“PLAY IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF RESEARCH” Using Lego to demonstrate and analyze our business idea? Sounds crazy but is the best method I have come across. It keeps your creative spirit alive and that’s the most important part of innovation. As our team started analyzing what we had made, we did find some knowledge gaps to work on. Go, grab some Lego bricks, build an idea, analyze, and build it again!

Fail Club. Sounds absurd? I bet you would want to have one too. Imogen Parry inspired all of us by sharing her story of ups and downs. The main takeaway was to talk about your failures instead of burying them inside. Find your club, meet, unpack your emotions, uplift, start again! Failure is not when you fall down but when you refuse to get up. Can’t wait for another week of fun activities, getting inspired, learning new things and celebrating Chinese New Year with dumplings!

Yashika Khetan
Yashika Khetan

I am just another curious caffeine-dependent student trying to understand the field of entrepreneurship and Innovation. I find it very fascinating that everything we have today was just an idea in someoneʼs head. Oh by the way, I am Yashika. I am a first year student pursuing Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Auckland. There are few things I am really passionate about. One of
them is the variance of cultures everywhere. My interest in experiencing different ones to widen my mind and spirit made me choose New Zealand for my undergraduate studies, I am originally from India. I love baking sweet delicacies and working out, definitely helps in balancing the extra weekend cupcakes! My other interests include reading non-fiction books and learning new things.

I am a part of ‘MERGING CULTURESʼ team. It fuses my enthusiasm for traveling and innovation. The best education Iʼve had in my life is by traveling. My team is challenging the way we travel today. We aim to create a platform to connect tourists and local people for an enriched cultural exchange. Well, the perk being having friends worldwide. Oh and itʼs fantastic to work with equally-energetic people, teamwork definitely makes the dream work!

‘Where does innovation come fromʼ?
This question has always intrigued me and that is why I am a part of Summer Lab 2019. I had always wondered how to identify ideas and turn them into reality? Summer Lab seemed the perfect step to get ahead in my career.

Create and make space, mentors, other entrepreneurialmindset people, workshops….what else could I ask for? Did I mention free pizzas? SUMMER LAB IS CREATING A
By the end of Summer Lab programme, I intend to have a basic understanding of different entrepreneurial aspects. I want to have understood how to validate ideas, let go some ‘just seeminglyʼ good ideas and be open to change. Also, have some amazing friends and memories!


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