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Our entry-level workshops are designed to help you familiarise yourself with the equipment by doing a project. Learn how to use the software that will help to bring your ideas to life and in most cases if you are a University of Auckland student or staff member you will be able to access software for free using the University’s Software Centre.

Please note you must be an Unleash Space member to access this content. University of Auckland students and staff can become a member by completing orientation here.

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On-demand workshops currently available 24/7 via Canvas are:

Adobe Illustrator
Learn how to create vector graphics using Illustrator, useful for prototyping, showing off product designs, creating illustrations, designing game assets and more.

Adobe InDesign
An introduction to InDesign, a program used to collate and format documents for publishing. Learn how to design things like posters, business cards, banners, templates, magazines, menus and more.

Adobe Photoshop
An introduction to Photoshop, the industry standard photo editing and graphic design program. Photoshop is useful for touching up images, drawing digital art, processing photos and more.

Adobe Premiere Pro
Learn the basics of Premiere Pro, video editing software that can be used to combine footage, add effects, edit audio, and adjust colour to create HD broadcast quality video.

Augmented Reality with Unity
An introduction to Unity, a program for creating augmented reality applications that overlay virtual components onto a user’s view of the physical world.

Customer Journey Maps
Learn how customer journey maps can help you examine your service through the eyes of the customer. Plot out different levels of your customer’s experience to identify opportunities for improvement.

Fusion 360
An introduction to Fusion 360, a 3D modelling program free for students and educators. It is a powerful, easy to use tool for modelling organic shapes and mechanical designs that you can then go on to 3D print, CNC route and more.

Marvel – App Wire-framing
Learn how to create interactive mock-ups of websites and mobile apps using Marvel App, a free online digital wireframing tool. Turn an idea into a high-fidelity wire frame that can be navigated with taps and swipes.

Python programming
An introduction to Python, a clear and logical general-purpose programming language with a vast range of uses including machine learning, spreadsheet automation, data visualisation, data mining, and web development.

An introduction to TinkerCAD, a free 3D modelling program known for its simplicity and ease of use. 3D modelling is useful for showing off product designs, 3D printing or CNC routing prototypes and more.

Learn how to manage your workflow effectively using Trello, a free online digital organisational tool.

Virtual Presentations
A short video covering tips and tricks for creating virtual presentations that help you communicate your topic clearly, deliver ideas effectively, and ensure that your listeners are engaged.​



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