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Researcher Entrepreneurship and Commercialisation Hatchery

Knowledge and skill in entrepreneurship and commercialisation empowers researchers to make an exponential impact.

The Researcher Entrepreneurship and Commercialisation Hatchery is designed to provide entrepreneurship and commercialisation capabilities and support the translation of research into impact for society and the economy.

This programme will equip you with the tools and frameworks to develop research for practical applications and develop your knowledge and networks within the entrepreneurial ecosystem so that you can begin to commercialise your invention or idea.


Programme structure

Part 1 – IGNITE

The Hatchery Ignite programme is a three-month commitment. It involves workshops, fortnightly check-ins with the Hatchery manager and your commitment to provide CIE/UniServices/Investor updates.

Programme content:

  • Problem/Need Identification: What problem are you solving/need you are fulfilling, how big, scalable, and who will pay for it?
  • Competitors and the Market: Understanding what and who is the competition. What are the industry trends? Is it a big growing market?
  • Product / Market Fit: How does your proposed solution meet the market need
  • Business Models: Supply change, user vs customer, route to market
  • Technology Road Mapping: Prototyping through to productisation based on the market need
  • Financials and Pricing: how much should you charge? What is the cost of delivering the product or services? What are the assumptions behind these?
  • Legal and Regulatory Requirements: Legal documents, founders’ agreements, vesting, registering a company, companies office requirements
  • Funding the venture: Options to fund the venture, how and when to raise capital
  • Team: What skills, knowledge, and capability are needed? Who is on the team vs advisory or on contract?
  • Communication, presentation, and negotiation: How to pitch and present your venture to potential customers, investors, and others. How to negotiate.

On completion of the Ignite module, participants and the Centre in collaboration with UniServices will assess whether the concept has successfully been validated enough to proceed to part 2 of the programme.


The Hatchery Ignite programme is a 3-6 month commitment. A bespoke programme will be designed for you, that will include fortnightly check-ins with the Hatchery manager and your commitment to provide CIE/UniServices/Investor updates. 

Learning outcomes

Throughout the Hatchery programme, participants will learn about and apply and test how to translate their research project into practical applications.

Who is this designed for?

Applications from current University of Auckland researchers from all disciplines are warmly invited.



This programme enables participants to be better able to:

  • identify opportunities for social and commercial impact,
  • design research projects that meet a need in society and/or the economy
  • undertake transdisciplinary research,
  • write grant applications that identify and articulate a need and impact, leading to higher success rates,
  • increase publications, and
  • increase employability, particularly for doctoral candidates.

Timing and commitment

The Researcher Entrepreneurship and Commercialisation Hatchery has revolving entry, on a monthly basis. Applications will be assessed frequently. Once enrolled in the programme, the time commitment is weekly meetings, workshops and additional time to progress the idea forward.

Facilitation team

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