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Mentor in Residence

Do you have a business idea, but no idea how to progress it? Are you a founder with a problem, or are you looking for some suggestions on how to grow your business? CIE’s Mentor in Residence sessions are for you!

Our Mentor in Residence sessions will begin in April 2020.


About Mentor in Residence

Mentor in Residence offers you the opportunity to have a conversation with a seasoned entrepreneur. Someone who’s been through the highs and lows of creating a start-up, and who can help you with your venture. Many start-ups experience similar challenges, making it all the more important to seek advice and support.



What will you gain from a session?

You’re a proud start-up founder. Why would you need to talk to a mentor? Being a founder can be a very lonely experience, and no one can do everything on their own. Finding a good support network can be crucial when sailing in rough seas or facing dilemmas. A session with a Mentor in Residence could help you maintain focus, and together you can brainstorm alternative solutions to business problems.


Make the most of Mentor in Residence

To make the most of your session, give the mentor a heads-up about your topic of conversation. In addition, be respectful of their time. Finally, a mentor is an adviser; not a life coach. By seeking advice from someone who has travelled the road, you can expect to learn and also to gain an ally. Be aware though that the mentor will not provide you with all the answers and will not replace you as the decision-maker, so be prepared to listen, ask questions and reach your own conclusions.


Meet the Mentors in Residence 2020

Grant YoungGrant has broad international experience gained with corporate’s to start-ups (including a few of his own) in sales, consulting, marketing and business development.

He is an entrepreneurial spirit with an interest in AI, Wellness Health (with biometrics), Blockchain and the Identity (IDAAS) space.

Grant’s particular skills are in ideation, strategy, start-up development and marketing ideas.

Tim Moor: Tim is available to offer assistance in these key areas:

  • Define a problem space, create and identify new product concepts and commercial opportunities.
  • Identify, evaluate and capture new intellectual property (IP) and develop IP patent portfolios that align with commercial strategy.
  • Support fund raising, commercial strategy and business plan process by delivering comprehensive technical diligence files, project development plans, sourcing key partners and giving concept and technical presentations to attract early adopters.
  • Map out project development paths and work with multi disciplinary teams to develop ‘proof of concept’, products ready for market validation, clinical evaluation, production and market launch.

Eoghan Neligan: Eoghan is the co-founder of TenX Studios and TenX Ventures.

He has worked in corporates & SMEs for over 15 years, holding a number of product development roles in organisations including Spark, KPMG, Probity Consulting, the University of Auckland and the Cargill International. He emigrated from Ireland in the early 2010’s, where he owned his own digital software & development company.

At TenX he combines strategy, technology & human-centred design to simplify the product development process.

His cores strengths are early stage product development and market validation, and product growth & product lifecycle management.

He loves to meet cool people with cool ideas.

Meet the CIE Unleash Space Entrepreneur in Residence 2020

Steve Outtrim is best known for his success in the early “dot com years” of the Internet, as the creator of Sausage Software and its flagship product, the HotDog Web Editor. He has also founded software company Urbanise and environment solutions company ekoLiving and is the former owner of nutraceutical company Aussie Bodies. In his role as Entrepreneur in Residence at the Unleash Space, he’s helped develop a go-to market strategy for many and varied start-ups.

Steve’s areas of expertise are e-commerce, social media, strategy, nutraceuticals, smart buildings, guerrilla marketing, growth hacking, and fund raising.

Expert Hours 2020

Expert Hours: IP for Start-Ups
Free discussion session with the University’s UniServices IP team. Have a discussion about your IP and how to protect it.


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